We are a team of web development enthusiasts striving to be the best offshore web development partner for our clients.

Our Approach

10 offshore development problems we solve

  1. 1. Client requirement

    • Developers analyze and understand your problem
    • Preparation and agreement on clearly defined statement of work
  2. 2. Communication

    • Project coordinators with English language fluency and clear accents
    • Regular progress updates of projects
  3. 3. Availability

    • 24 hours we are available - call us anytime
    • Continents apart but only a skype call away
  4. 4. Delivery

    • Agile, iterative and incremental development with comps and prototypes
    • Sticking to timeplans and meeting deadlines
  5. 5. Team

    • Expert developers, designers, QA engineers and project managers
    • Continuous Training, learning and development
  6. 6. Technology

    • Studying latest development methods and techniques
    • Knowing how to develop your website or app to solve your unique problems
  7. 7. Development standards

    • Clean, easy to understand, reusable and modular code
    • Coding with website performance in mind
  8. 8. Quality Assurance and testing

    • QA plans for understanding use cases
    • Deliver high quality, bug free user experiences
  9. 9. Collaboration and transparency

    • Code collaboration and version control via GIT or Bitbucket
    • Review code by accessing staging environments
  10. 10. Pricing

    • Fixed price projects
    • Great value for your budget

Our Team

We are a highly experienced and skilled team of developers who have worked on numerous web development projects over the past 10 years. We are capable of clearly understanding client requirements and then designing efficient solutions. Having access to an easily scalable team with a wide range of skills is a convenience and advantage our clients enjoy when working with us.

Our designers, front-end and back-end developers, QA engineers and project managers all work together to provide you with great client support in order to make your project a success.

What we do

Whether you want to redesign a website or create something entirely new, we are excited to help you out either way. Find out about what we usually build and the services that we specialize in.

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