What we do

We collaborate with clients to build great experiences in web, ecommerce and mobile. Below are the services we specialize in, to provide solutions to our clients.

  • Web Application Development

    • PHP and Python development
    • Javascript and Node.js development
    • API integration
  • Ecommerce

    • Magento and Woocommerce Development
    • Email design and email marketing set up
    • GA, GTM and other analytical tools setup
  • Web Design and Development

    • Web design and HTML Conversion
    • UI design and prototyping
    • Wordpress theme and plugin development
  • Mobile Apps Development

    • App design and prototype
    • iOS and Android app development
    • Cross platform Development
Dina Moskowitz

We got more work done...

“The Villvay team helped us clear out communication gaps by letting us directly talk to their developers. The result: we got more work done in less time with less trouble and we saved thousands of dollars.”

Dina Moskowitz — CEO at SaaSMAX

We can help you to expand your production capacity — cost effectively

Reliability, professional people, latest technology, good communication, easy contactability, transparency and sensible project management are the key ingredients for a successful project and a happy client. Therefore we focus all our efforts towards solving the problems you face when dealing with offshore develpment partner.

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