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Answer Financial

What we did

  • Web Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Frontend Development

Answer Financial (a subsidiary of Allstate Insurance) is an online insurance comparison service that wanted to have a comprehensive design overhaul for their website.

We followed a mobile-first approach with fully responsive design. The site includes a number of complex form sequences which includes many javascript animations and CSS and HTML5 transitions. All the HTML form input elements are overridden with JavaScript. We created a whole new breed of HTML5 form elements for this project for a unique UI experience.

Answer Financial Websites screens Answer Financial Websites screens

Because the site had to be compatible on a wide range of mobile devices. We created a JavaScript UI library just for this project to support a range of devices as they are not properly supported in any of the popular and conventional JS libraries.

While working on the project we also carried out basic research on better UX user experience as we wanted to incorporate best practice into our designs.

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