Cleaner Home Living Multistore Screens

Cleaner Home Living Multistore

What we did

  • HTML Conversion
  • Responsive Design
  • Magento E-commerce
  • Web Development
  • Server Management

The scope was to build an eCommerce site from scratch with 450+ products and 7+ stores all leading to a universal checkout page.

Each of the stores have its own line of products and distinctive theme. As in many cases of multi store systems - Universal Sign-in and Universal checkout were used.

Also we developed custom modules for certain functionalities that were not available in Magento, but required by the client. E.g: Order tracking, Multi-store Xml sitemap , EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Flat Files generator/viewer etc. A highlighted implementation was EDI for order details transfer among other native & vendor systems.

An Order Tracking module was developed to track the shipping orders, it was developed to invoke functions in the UPS system - via UPS API. Also, the full inventory update is automated.

UI designs (PSD's) were provided by the client we did the HTML conversions / responsive designs.

We got more work done...

“I like working with Villvay because they are highly service oriented, flexible and cooperative. They are smart and experienced developers with the right set of skills. They made our latest Magento multistore project a success by being very accessible and by working hard in a timely fashion. They also look after our maintenance work. It's easy to work with them because they are a multi-skilled team all in one place.”

Carla Gonzales — Bradshaw international