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Simplified B2B e-commerce solutions, That Get Results

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How Villvay is digitally transforming the traditional B2B sales experience of Würth LAC through a self-service, feature-rich B2B e-commerce platform.

A person wearing a facemask packing an item
A person wearing a facemask packing an item
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Villvay partnered with mPocket to support its business pivot by engineering a brand-new mobile app with new features, within 4 months.

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1.B2B E-Commerce Strategy

Bolstering revenue growth by engineering the most optimal solutions for enterprise B2B e-commerce stores.

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2.E-Commerce Experience Management

Creating world-class engaging and personalised enterprise e-commerce experiences for customers at all touch points.

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3.Data Management and Insights

Organising and making sense out of the millions of data points within enterprise B2B e-commerce systems.

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Guaranteeing enterprise target audiences to never miss a sale by helping them discover exactly what they are looking for.