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Consciously different, relentlessly focussed

We’re a boutique agency with a single mission:

Transforming B2B e-commerce

enterprises through simplified


Transforming B2B e-commerce enterprises through simplified solutions.

We leverage our collective expertise to fast-track your market entry by helping you cut through clutter, identify areas to simplify and minimise cost, and prioritise only your most critical platforms and applications.

Our tailormade/customised solutions are geared to manage the inherent complexity of B2B e-commerce, allowing you to become nimbler, faster, and more competitive. The result? Accelerated Speed to Market so you’re always ahead in today’s evolving, dynamic, fast-paced marketplace.

We love helping enterprises level up, so that they arrive at value fast, while remaining in a constant state of innovation.

Leadership Team

Shiran Perera

“One way of challenging life’s limitations is by helping people challenge the limitations of their own abilities.”

Shiran PereraCEO

Anuththara Silva

“When you are genuinely passionate about doing something, despite hardships, focus on doing your part and you can be certain the rest will fall into place.”

Anuththara SilvaSenior Manager

Mushtaq Jameel

“In our line of work, we rarely meet our audience. Our audience is not the client, but the clients of our client. The secret ingredient to successful software development is focussing on the audience - that's the simplest, yet hardest thing to do”

Mushtaq JameelHead of Engineering

Chathura Kudahetti

“Building an innovative product mindset is not only about having an 'Aha' moment. It's also about building a culture of curiosity and experimentation, and constantly challenging ourselves to look at things from a new perspective”

Chathura KudahettiHead of UI/UX

Sandun Niroshan

“Good applications and platforms take time and money to build but the prospect of great returns in the future makes it worth it.”

Sandun NiroshanHead of Finance

The Villvay Code

Purpose Driven


Purpose Driven

We’re driven by the “why”.

We make sure the work we do is designed to leave things better than we found them.

Unconventional Thinking


Unconventional Thinking

We’re interested in the new, the strange, the seemingly impossible.

We know the best things exist outside the parameters of the “known”.

Fanatical Customer Focus


Fanatical Customer Focus

We're obsessed with giving our customers the best, every time.

We're laser focussed on meeting their goals, to the best of our ability.

Unequivocal Excellence


Unequivocal Excellence

We’re afraid of nothing except mediocrity.

We aim to exceed expectations every time.

Love for People


Love for People

We’re human first.

We’re bridging the gap between humanity and the dynamic digital world.

Employer practice

We see billions of people around the world deserving of achieving more, but are often limited by different circumstances, abilities, and backgrounds.

We’re here to change that.

Our mission is inherently inclusive. Helping people find their own brilliance is central to our business model. It informs our actions that have a direct impact on both the economies and the people who are connected to us.

Some of the major strides we’ve taken in recent years include the introduction of a menstrual leave policy, gender-neutral parental leave policy, comprehensive sexual harassment policy, gender diversity training and sustainability training.

This is how we’re creating an environment where people feel valued beyond what they bring to the table.

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The gallery background of the about pageThe gallery background of the about page


The gallery background of the about pageThe gallery background of the about pageThe gallery background of the about page